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Author: Fadillah Razali

About the author

A Programme Executive with the Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM)

4PM Flag Day 2017

Be part of our big family for 4PM Flag Day 2017.

Please be informed that CIP points/ VIA hours will be awarded to students and school groups.
Individuals can also volunteer their time and/or adopt a donation can at $30 each.
Interested volunteers may provide your details at this online portal.
Invite your family and friends to be part of this exciting project and lets get M.A.D and Make A Difference!


4PM Chicken Charity 2016

4PM is raising fund for our youth programmes such as Bahas 4PM, Project bITE and Ramadan On Wheels. Appreciate your full support in purchasing our Arnold’s chicken coupons. Take this opportunity to gather with your family and friends!

You may contact 4PM at 6242-6288 pm us at FB to get these coupons. Thank you!


4PM staff and volunteers will be at all mosques islandwide on this coming Friday, 16th September 2016, in seeking your charity. Monies collected will be used for our services and programmes benefiting our youth and community. Do keep a lookout for our 4PM volunteers. We look forward to your support.
Thank you.

Mosque Collection


2 55th anniversary


The Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM) would like to express our condolences to Mr S R Nathan’s family on his passing. The late Mr Nathan was an inspiration to everyone he knew, and the countless lives he touched. We have many warm memories of him. His presence as our Guest-of-Honour was a key highlight of our Association’s 55th Anniversary celebration in the year 2003. His spontaneous decision to go on stage to take a photograph with our kindergarten kids was a true testament to his kind heart, humility and affection.

4PM also benefitted from the President’s Challenge which was initiated by Mr Nathan. The fundraising campaign helped 4PM sustain its numerous programmes to uplift the Malay/Muslim community. For us at 4PM, he will forever be remembered as a champion of the less-privileged and downtrodden. Mr Nathan will be sorely missed by our staff, volunteers, and the management committee.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.

With deepest sympathy,

The President, the Management committee, staff and volunteers of 4PM

Volunteer With Us !

To find out more on volunteering opportunities, please contact Mdm Zainon at .