Mentoring is defined by 4PM as a two way relationship between two individuals who are working towards enhancing mutual trust, respect and self awareness. Within a given time frame, mentoring seeks to guide, empower, motivate and support mentees holistically. Under the inspirations of mentors, both individuals strive to gain experience, development, growth and enrichment in order to provide significant contribution to the society.


4PM has been involved in mentoring programmes since 2003 where she first embarked on the mentoring journey with Project bITE (bESTARI ITE), a mentoring programme for ITE students. Since mentoring is unique to 4PM, a manual known as the 4PM Cube has been developed to better document its policies, procedures as well as applications.


4PM’s niche has been in its mentoring component which is unique across all programmes. Few social programmes have attempted to combine mentoring with casework management for the clients. Thus far, there are few resources that have offered practical recommendations and helpful strategies for mentoring children and youths who are at risk as well as families who are dysfunctional based on its distinct needs in terms of cultural, religious as well as other challenges.


While much remains to be tested, the 4PM Cube draws on the experiences of 4PM in conducting mentoring for the last 10 years as well as promising practices from the senior members within 4PM.


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