Spirit of Volunteerism

Since 1948, 4PM has been a shining example of the spirit of volunteerism. What started as a humble effort by a few to elevate the status of the Malay community has evolved into an expansive network of volunteers from all walks of life, driven by a common purpose – to unite and serve. 4PM continues to advocate the spirit of volunteerism, especially among the youth, to develop their potential and groom them to be future leaders of society.

No voluntary contribution is too small to acknowledge – Even the smallest act of kindness may have an impact on someone’s life.

We exist and succeed ONLY because of the selfless act, passion and continuous commitment from our dedicated pool of volunteers.



Register today as a volunteer/mentor/befriender @ this page!


For any clarifications on volunteering with 4PM, please contact Ms Syafiqah at 6242 6288 or email syafiqah@4pm.org.sg.